About Paul, the inventor

How the HIT machine was born


 I was in a serious accident, that broke my right arm in 17 places, received  brain damage (concussion ).  My electrical Co. Fell apart. I was a MESS , But not forgotten  our heavenly father came to my aid restored my arm and my head injury, The DOC said it would be easier to just cut it off Bad  Idea.  I was restored and was given the Idea of this HIT machine for my rehab. 

I am blessed  that I can help others improve their health and fitness by lowering the blood sugar and giving a way to build muscle tissue in seconds , along with the all important cardio benefits       Circulation a  big deal !! This is with no doubt the best tool that I have seen that will keep my glucose at bay in sec. ( for I have diabetes)  If you are in a wheelchair ,think how are you going to over come this lack of, circulation and muscle tone.  It is easy with the HIT machine just sec. a day.  A low COST but HIGH BENEFITS    LONG LIFE